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After powering up the Magellan Traveler, we headed into the main menu, then into the TourDirector menu. We were then presented with a trio of destination categories to choose from: Attractions, Shopping, and Restaurants. Tapping any of these categories displayed a list of destinations that can be clicked to display detailed information about each. This information included detailed descriptions about what each attraction was, an address and phone number, open hours, disabled access, accepted credit cards, and even e-mail and Web site information if available. (Unfortunately, despite the presence of a Web browser, these URLs are not clickable.) Most interestingly is that each attraction also had a time estimate for how long one should expect to spend enjoying themselves. So, for example, San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts can be seen in half an hour, but the Zoo will take considerably longer. We were able to choose multiple destinations by checking boxes near the destinations that interested us.

We were able to plan a tour of some of San Francisco's local attractions from the TourDirector menu.

We were able to choose to display destinations near our current position, near a city center, or near a user-set address, but each category would only display the 50 nearest attractions near our selected reference point, so a user looking for destinations near their hotel in San Francisco's SOMA district wouldn't see the Golden Gate Bridge on their list of available destinations because it's technically too far from the city center. They would, however, be able to visit the more obscure Saint John Will-I-Am Coltrane African Orthodox Church.

We started our trip from Ocean Beach, selecting about seven locations from the list of available destinations including the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square, the Japanese Tea Garden, Twin Peaks, the aforementioned Church of John Coltrane, and the Yoda Statue. After making our selections, the Traveler displayed all of our chosen POIs in a list with arrow keys for reordering them and an Optimize button that automatically reorganized the destinations for the most efficient trip. We were even able to specify a preset ending location for our trip.

Hitting the road, the Traveler took us to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park without issue, but had issues getting us to our next destination at Twin Peaks. After the navigator attempted to lead us up a private road, then up a foot path, were surmised that Magellan's address for Twin Peaks was inaccurate and elected to skip to the next destination.

The Traveler led us to six of our seven destinations without fault, including this Yoda statue.

We were lead to the little bronze Yoda statue in front of Lucasfilm's offices in San Francisco's Presidio district without issue and despite being asked to make a few weird turns that double back on themselves, we quickly found ourselves at the gates of the Palace of Fine Arts. Next up was the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square, then quick stops at the Church of St. John Coltrane (which was closed) and the African-American Historical & Cultural Society.

With the exception of a few odd turns and the Twin Peaks incident, the Traveler got us everywhere we wanted to go in San Francisco. Upon arriving at each destination, we were presented with the option to find nearby parking, and upon resuming navigation, we were asked if we wanted to resume navigating to the next destination in the list. Because the entirety of our tourism navigation test happened on surface and secondary roads--where the 5175T-LM Traveler's lifetime traffic service doesn't really supply flow and incident data--on a few occasions, the navigator would lead us directly into traffic jams, and road construction slowed down our progress.

At the end of our little stay-cation, we think the Magellan RoadMate 5175T-LM Traveler's TourDirector trip is a nice travel tool to break out a free day or during down time on a vacation--those times when you're not really sure where to go in a strange city and would like to kill some time hunting smaller attractions in the area without going too far. However, there were plenty of great San Francisco destinations that were left out of TourDirector's listings because the system sorts destinations by distance rather than rating, relevance, or awesomeness. It would be a shame to miss the Golden Gate Bridge or Northern California's redwood forests just because your hotel is a few miles too far, so we'd recommend that you use TourDirector in conjunction with a good travel guide to make sure you don't miss the good stuff on your vacation.

During subsequent testing for highway navigation and commuting, the RoadMate 5175T-LM Traveler proved to be both accurate in its positioning and routing. Routes chosen to our frequently visited destinations more often than not matched our local knowledge of the best routes.

We think that the RoadMate 5175T-LM Traveler is a good tool for exploring an unfamiliar city (or finding hidden attractions near home).

As we mentioned earlier, we like the TourDirector feature as a supplement to more thorough vacation planning. This feature combined with the system's standard multidestination input gives users the ability to quickly put together a driving tour of an unfamiliar city.

On the other hand, the Wi-Fi connectivity and Web browser are nice bullet points to put on a list of features, but we don't think that most users will get much mileage out of these in a world increasingly populated with smartphones that offer better screens and seamless Internet connectivity.

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