Logitech USBDesktop Noise-Canceling Microphone review: Logitech USBDesktop Noise-Canceling Microphone

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The Good Extremely easy to set up; small footprint saves desk space; decent sound quality for the price.

The Bad Movie narration sounded canned; not great for speech recognition.

The Bottom Line For beginning podcasters and voice chatters, the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone offers good sound quality for a very palatable price.

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With a stylish and compact design, the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone looks like minimalist sculpture. Rather than being a mere desk ornament, though, the noise-cancelling, adjustable-angle microphone records vocal tracks that sound rich and full--when played back through a computer. We were less than impressed by the sound quality when we recorded vocal tracks for a DVD narration, and the mic's performance with speech-recognition software left a bit to be desired. For anyone looking to get started in podcasting or voice chatting, though, the $30 Logitech USB Desktop Microphone provides good sound quality and easy setup for a remarkably low price.

Featuring Logitech's signature silver-and-black color scheme, the USB Desktop Microphone will blend in gracefully with other accessories on your computer desk. The base, 3.5 inches square, takes up minimal space; the microphone itself stands 8 inches from the base and about 9 inches from the desk surface. A single large on/off button glows green when recording, creating your own "on air" light. Unfortunately, there is no mute button to let you discreetly duck out of voice chats--your only option is the on/off button, which has an audible click.

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