Logitech Touch Mouse M600 (Black) review: Logitech Touch Mouse M600 (Black)

I'm not necessarily asking for Logitech to create a new mousing lexicon. Traditional mice work well enough that few users would bother to overcome an overly steep learning curve just for touch input. But if Logitech is going to boast "smooth-as-smartphone scrolling," what about adding some smartphone-style multitouch recognition? Can I get some pinch-to-zoom?

Logitech does offer what it calls FlowScroll software for download with the M600. Essentially a series of plug-ins for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, FlowScroll smoothes out up-and-down scrolling to mimic the seamlessness you get with a smartphone or a tablet. The effect is marginally noticeable, but I had no complaints about the scrolling smoothness before I installed the add-on.

I concede Logitech might be banking on the simple, modern-feeling appeal of touch and a sleek mouse design to draw you into the M600. If you'll be lured in on such grounds, you can at least take comfort in the fact that this mouse is easy to set up and has some convenient features common to many Logitech input devices.

The Unified receiver is perhaps the most useful feature. The included USB microreceiver is designed to work with up to six other devices in Logitech's Unified product family. Right now that family includes mice, keyboards, a wireless touch pad, and the Cube portable mouse/presenting device, so you might have a hard time maxing out the six-device limit. Note the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510, a mechanical mouse in the Unified family that offers essentially the same navigational features as the M600, only with fixed buttons and a $39 price tag.

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