Logitech S520 Cordless Desktop Keyboard and Laser Mouse (Black/Grey) review: Logitech S520 Cordless Desktop Keyboard and Laser Mouse (Black/Grey)

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The Good Easy-to-access hot keys, simple installation.

The Bad Extra-deep wrist rest limits living room friendliness.

The Bottom Line It's hard to get too excited about Logitech's basic Cordless Desktop S520, but on close inspection, a few design elements help it stand out. If you typically find keyboard hot keys a good idea that's poorly implemented, we think you'll like this mostly well-designed mouse and keyboard set.

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Logitech's basic Cordless Desktop S520 is one of its least expensive wireless mouse and keyboard sets. And even though the low-profile keyboard and basic laser mouse come with few frills, we're glad to see Logitech apply the thoughtful design philosophies of its high-end products to the less-expensive members of its product line. There's nothing quite revolutionary about this package, and for $60 you might not expect there to be. But for the little touches of convenience, on the keyboard especially, the Cordless Desktop S520 earns our recommendation in this price range.

For the most part, this mouse and keyboard set is utterly boring. The two-buttons-and-a-scroll-wheel laser mouse, for example, gives us little to discuss. You get no thumb-side button, accelerated scrolling, or DPI selection buttons, but then we don't expect those things from a mouse in a $60 desktop set. It works as it should via the standard RF wireless connection, and if all you want is a basic mouse, you'll find little to complain about.

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Logitech S520 Cordless Desktop Keyboard and Laser Mouse (Black/Grey)

Part Number: 920-000922 Released: Sep 2, 2008
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  • Release date Sep 2, 2008
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