Logitech QuickCam review:

Logitech QuickCam

The Orbit's automatic tracking capabilities are a mixed blessing. In situations where the light shines from directly overhead, the face tracking can become confused. In a room with overhead lighting and a vaulted ceiling, we found the camera angle inching toward the ceiling until the subject's face dropped out of the picture completely. The Orbit showed similarly quirky behavior in some dark environments, when it stopped tracking altogether.

When the face tracking did work, it was useful and fun. The internal motor makes a whirring noise when the lens moves, which you may find distracting while conversing with family and friends. It's audible both on live feeds and video captures. It would help if Logitech added a sensitivity control to cut down on the frequency of the lens's automatic adjustments--and, thus, lower the number of times the whirring noise is heard.

If you find the face tracking to be too noisy or inaccurate, you can always turn it off. You'll still have a cool-looking Webcam with manual software-based positioning controls and better than average video quality.

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