Logitech Driving Force (PS2) review:

Logitech Driving Force (PS2)

Inside the box, we also found a laptop attachment device for the Driving Force, designed to allow you to play with the wheel on your lap. In theory, this device might work, but in practice, we found the laptop attachment device rather disappointing. With nothing to secure the wheel to a stationary point, it merely moved around between our legs. With the Driving Force between our legs, turning the wheel gave us imprecise control under ideal conditions. Suffice it to say, if you're serious about racing, playing with the Driving Force in your lap isn't going to be an option.

We can talk all we want about secure attachment surfaces and how the buttons feel, but if the actual wheel control isn't up to snuff, we might as well go back to a regular gamepad. For a wheel to be successful, it must provide predictable, precise movement. Overall, we found the Driving Force to be accurate, allowing us to race with near perfection. Upon powering up the console, we found that the autocalibration ensured the wheel was dead-on every time we rolled out, allowing us to execute effortless turns in Gran Turismo 4.

After testing the wheel unit, we gave the pedals a thorough stomping and found them to be adequate. Although the Driving Force's pedal structure is considerably lighter than that of the Driving Force Pro, we found that the pedals didn't move around very much under normal driving conditions. But we would have been happier had Logitech included more than four rubber pads to keep the structure better stuck to the carpet.

Logitech's implementation of force feedback on the Driving Force provided the usual smattering of rumbles, shakes, and jolts in sufficient quantity and intensity. However, the force feedback is light years away from the quality exuded by the Driving Force Pro. Fighting the force feedback on the Driving Force didn't prove to be too difficult. Usually, victory over the wheel's motors resulted in a range of unexpected free motion, causing the wheel to spin quickly in the direction it was turned.

We've come to terms with the fact that spending more money will buy you a better racing wheel. There are better wheels than the Driving Force on the market, but the Driving Force costs nearly half as much with its $50 to $75 price tag. Compared to other wheels in the price segment, the Logitech Driving Force represents the best value by providing an excellent balance of control, build quality, and features.

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