Logitech DiNovo Edge Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac review: Logitech DiNovo Edge Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

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The Good Wireless and rechargeable; no USB receiver needed since Apple has one built-in; improved touch-pad sensitivity.

The Bad Expensive; convenient Mac-specific keys; tougher competition with Apple's own hardware; volume slider still horrible.

The Bottom Line In the Windows world, Logitech's diNovo edge easily beats its clunky keyboard competition. Against Apple, it stands out a bit less. The Mac Edition of the diNovo Edge is still a better keyboard overall than the iMac's default model, but not enough to justify its high price.

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Aside from a few extra keys, there's very little about the Mac edition of high-end Logitech's diNovo Edge keyboard that's different from the Windows-based original. It remains one of the best-looking, and most expensive, keyboards around. We like the feel of its typing action, too, but at $159 the diNovo Edge Mac Edition is hard to justify. We also wish Logitech had done a more complete job refining its touch-sensitive features. If you have a particular dislike for your Mac's keyboard, the diNovo Edge may provide a satisfactory replacement. But while it's both an attractive and a responsive typing device, even design snobs may find that the diNovo Edge doesn't distance itself enough from Apple's own hardware, especially for the price.

A few features about the Mac Edition of the diNovo Edge set it apart from the original version. First, it comes with the Mac-specific keys you'd expect it to, including the disc eject, and Control, Option, and Command keys. You also get special keys for putting your Mac to sleep and for opening up Front Row, Apple's media-browsing application. A cluster of media keys on the left edge mimics the buttons on the Apple Remote, and the touch pad and touch-sensitive volume control slider on the right side will look familiar if you recall the first diNovo Edge. Logitech's configuration software works better for refining the touch-pad sensitivity this time around, but the volume slider is still maddeningly clunky. You need to move your finger several times along the slider to adjust the volume across its full range. We'd much prefer it took only one stroke.

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Logitech DiNovo Edge Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

Part Number: 920-000924 Released: Aug 6, 2008

MSRP: $159.95

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  • Release date Aug 6, 2008
  • Weight 2.1 lbs
  • Compatibility Mac