Logitech Alto Notebook Stand with Integrated Keyboard review: Logitech Alto Notebook Stand with Integrated Keyboard

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The Good Easy plug-and-play setup; sturdily constructed and stable; full-size keyboard and three USB ports; folds up for compact storage.

The Bad Weight limit rules out some larger laptops; fixed height doesn't always provide ideal ergonomics; blocks off ports on the front of the laptop; does not replace a full-fledged docking station.

The Bottom Line The Alto notebook stand is a creative attempt to make using a laptop at a desk more comfortable, but due to a few design issues we can't recommend it for everybody.

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Logitech Alto notebook stand

In the world of laptop accessories there are laptop stands and there are keyboards, but the $99 Logitech Alto occupies a niche all its own. The sleek black contraption combines a notebook riser, keyboard, and three high-speed USB ports into a single workstation that can be folded up and tucked away when not in use. It's an unusual concept, especially considering that a stand, a keyboard, and a USB hub can be purchased separately for less than the cost of the Alto.

Nevertheless, we laud Logitech for this creative approach to finding a more comfortable way to use a laptop at a desk, and we're impressed that the company got so many things right with the Alto's design. But a few flaws hold us back from making a blanket recommendation of the Alto: First, its fixed height and all-in-one design mean that not everyone will be able to achieve ergonomic bliss with the Alto (owners of ultraportable laptops, especially, may find their displays still aren't raised high enough). Second, placing your laptop on the Alto means blocking off all the ports on its front edge; depending on the design of your laptop, this might be a deal-breaker. So although we think the Alto's price premium could be justified by its stylish looks and one-step setup, in the end we can really only recommend it for users whose laptops have larger displays and no essential ports along the front edge.

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