LinkedIn for Android review: Powerful professional networking on the go

If you use LinkedIn for research, then you might be disappointed to find that power features like alumni search, skill search, polls, and company insights are missing. Of course, most people won't need to access these on the go, but it's still worth mentioning that they are, as yet, unavailable. That said, with LinkedIn's recent investment in mobile , I'm sure the company will add at least a few of these features in the near future.

With so many people using LinkedIn to find work, it's no wonder the app's developers recently expanded LinkedIn's mobile functionality to let you search for jobs, save jobs, and check out recommended jobs based on your background. For some listings, you can even apply with your LinkedIn profile right from the mobile app. What you still can't do, though, is share jobs, which is an important feature for those of us who are keeping an eye out for friends.

Previously, my biggest issue with LinkedIn for Android was its weak search. But with recent updates, the app has significantly improved in this area, adding a comprehensive tool that lets you search for jobs, people, companies, and groups. It even pulls up search results while you type, which is helpful if you're unsure of how to spell what you're searching for.

While the LinkedIn app isn't quite on par with the full desktop version of the site yet, recent improvements have certainly closed the gap some. It has a simple and clean interface, more powerful search than before, and new in-app job applications. With these additions, the LinkedIn mobile app should take care of most of your professional networking needs.

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