LG A7110 (AT&T) review: LG A7110 (AT&T)

Though it's only VGA quality, the A7110 has one of the better cameras we have seen on an entry-level phone. The camera can store images at three resolutions: 128x160, 320x240, and 640x480. The other camera features include a multishot capability, a self-timer, a 4X zoom, five multiple white-balance settings, three color effects, a brightness adjustment, and four image quality choices. The camera can also capture video at either 128x96- or 176x144-pixel resolutions. Because the phone has a relatively robust 32MB of memory, you can capture as many as 360 photos at VGA quality and as much as 30 minutes of video. Still, a phone such as this is begging for a megapixel of resolution. When done with your shots, you can send both pictures and video in a multimedia message, but the messages are capped at 100Kbps (or five seconds of video).

We liked the A7110's photo quality.

According to LG, the A7110 is capable of downloading and playing MobiTV streaming video clips over Cingular's EDGE Class 10 network. Yet when we actually found the MobiTV application, which is hidden away in the menu for Cingular's MediaMail, we received a message that it's not yet available for the phone. In any case, top speeds for EDGE reach 236Kbps. This is a big improvement over streaming video with Cingular's older network, but it's still slower than Verizon's V Cast service.

The A7110 comes loaded with Web and Internet features, the most notable of which is the built-in AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) client. Right out of the box, users can launch an instant-messenger session on their phone. Although the lack of a QWERTY keyboard means you have to do a lot of tapping, it should be a boon for users who want to quickly send and receive IMs. The WAP 2.0 Web browser and built-in Java engine let you quickly get online and download games and applications. Unlike with many phones, you can store you purchased content directly on the phone and access it via the MyMedia folder.

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