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The Good Sturdy construction; slim; key ring attachment won't break.

The Bad Plastic cap can get lost easily.

The Bottom Line LaCie's IamaKey USB flash drive is slim, sturdy, and, most importantly, will stay on your key ring.

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For a device often called a USB "key," the tiny flash drives people carry around with them are generally not well-suited to being attached to a key ring. Most have plastic bodies, and in our experience, the plastic key ring loops inevitably break after a few weeks or months.

LaCie's IamaKey USB flash drive offers a potential solution with a new drive that is, amusingly, shaped like a key. More importantly, the entire device is made of metal, including the key ring connector at the top end.

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  • Release date Mar. 15, 2009
  • Features Encryption Software Protection (E.S.P.)
  • Storage Capacity 16 GB
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