Koss ProDJ100 (Black) review: Koss ProDJ100 (Black)

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3.5 stars Very good
  • Overall: 7.7
  • Design: 7.0
  • Features: 8.0
  • Performance: 8.0

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5 stars 2 user reviews
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The Good The Koss PRO DJ100s have a decent sound for a good price. The headphones have an analytical, though not harsh, sound that makes them suitable to budget audiophiles and recording musicians. The headphones seem well-constructed.

The Bad The headphones can make your ears sweaty and are uncomfortable to wear for hours at a time. The headphones aren't able to dig up very much bass and aren't suited to the Monster Beats crowd. The stereo/mono switch is a little bit gimmicky.

The Bottom Line While we can't see many DJs using them, the Koss PRO DJ100s are a decent set of headphones that will expose the detail in your music.

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DJ headphones are enjoying a renaissance at the moment buoyed by the street smarts of the Monster/Beats range and a proliferation of cheap music-creation software on portable devices.

Now anyone can be a bedroom (or bathroom, or train, or elevator, or even club) DJ armed with just an iPhone and a $5 app. The dinky earbuds you get with your device can't even cut it for simply listening to music, so trying to check your new mix with them is just a joke.

Enter the Koss Pro DJ100 headphones, which cater to DJs on a budget while still offering many extra features. For example, the Pro DJ100s include a mono/stereo switch on the right earcup designed to give a full mix from one ear for monitoring purposes, DJ-style.

The headphones feature a foldable design, metallic cups (with plastic hinges), and a padded headband. A leatherette material lines the inside of the cups, but they don't completely engulf your ear the way more expensive cans like the Audio Technica ATH-M50 s do. The Pro DJ100s are attached to an 8-foot coiled cord that lacks extra adornments like a microphone and remote for your smartphone, though these are featured in the Pro DJ200 step-up model.

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Quick Specifications See All

  • Sound Output Mode Stereo
  • Headphones Form Factor Over-the-ear
  • Additional Features Noise isolation technology
    Pivoting ear cups
    3.5 mm plug
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