Klipsch Image S4A for Android (Black) review:

Klipsch Image S4A for Android (Black)

With the app installed on a phone running Android 2.2 or higher, the access buttons even work within streaming Web sites and apps like Spotify and Audible. Unfortunately, some of the volume control functions won't work if you're still using Android version 2.1 and lower.

Beyond the basics, the configuration software lets you adjust the click speed for one, two, and three-button clicks, and you can set the app to engage automatically when you plug the S4As into the headphone jack.

We should also note that Klipsch Control isn't the only app of its kind that gives you power over the settings on your headphone remote. You can configure a wired headset just as well using an app called Headset Button Controller. It'll cost you $2.84, but it works as an alternative solution for non-Klipsch headphones.

The S4 headphones consistently earn their position in CNET's list of best earbuds, and I continue to support this line based on the huge jump in sound for a relatively inexpensive upgrade. Their sound is certainly worth more than $99, and the S4As do a great job of blocking ambient noise, despite being passive (dedicated noise-canceling headphones actually use batteries to block high-frequency sound waves).

Discerning audiophiles, however, argue that getting rid of the lower frequencies compromises the integrity of the audio. The Klipsch Image S4A headphones offer a compromise between the two factions of listeners: a tight seal thanks to the company's patented tip design filters out unwanted noise, while the driver structures inside envelop you in distortion-free aural bliss. Their vibrancy and dynamic range earn my approval, even without a desktop amplifier in use, and leap past the sonic limits of typically crummy stock headphones.

Regardless of whether you'll use Klipsch Control or another remote app on your phone, your ears will thank you if you pair them with the Klipsch Image S4A headphones. The conical ear flanges guarantee a tight fit for better sound and noise isolation, which business travelers should appreciate, and the $99 price tag makes them affordable for music lovers in general.

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