Kensington SX-3000R review: Kensington SX-3000R

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The Good The Kensington SX 3000R speakers come with a remote and offer decent sound quality.

The Bad The Kensington SX 3000R speakers offer frustratingly imperfect controls and spotty FM reception. Radio has no autoscan feature and presets are difficult to navigate.

The Bottom Line The Kensington SX 3000R speakers would make a decent addition to any iPod owner's kitchen or bedroom, but the frustrating radio integration makes it a poor choice for FM-seekers.

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Kensington is more than familiar with the peripheral and accessories game, and the company doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon. The latest iPod-ready product to come off the Kensington lines is the SX 3000R Speakers with FM Radio. This $170 audio unit offers an understated design and decent sound quality, but the imperfect control set and poor radio integration spoil the fun.

The SX 3000R very closely resembles Kensington's SX 2000 iPod speakers, and indeed, it is nearly the same product (only with an FM tuner built in). A flat, rectangular NXT-designed speaker system dominates the unit, while the universal iPod dock juts out to the right. You'll need to use the dock adapters that come with the iPod to ensure a proper fit, as Kensington doesn't include extras. Below the cradle, you'll find the power and volume buttons. Interestingly, the buttons located on the SX 3000R control the volume of the unit, while the remote controls the volume of the iPod. Call us crazy, but it seems more logical for the buttons to control the same thing. We do appreciate that the SX 3000R charges the iPod while it's docked, though.

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Kensington SX-3000R

Part Number: 33168

MSRP: $169.99

See manufacturer website for availability.

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  • Color black
  • Speaker System Type portable speakers with digital player dock
  • Amplification Type active
  • Connectivity Technology wired
  • Type Speakers