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2.5 stars OK
  • Overall: 5.9
  • Design and ease of use: 7.0
  • Features: 6.0
  • Performance: 5.0
  • Service and support: 5.0
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The Good The Kensington Personal Firewall is extremely easy to install, has a straightforward configuration tool, and protects both inbound and outbound traffic.

The Bad Supports only Windows XP; the Kensington Personal Firewall's removable cap is easy to lose; company provides limited tech-support hours.

The Bottom Line The Kensington Personal Firewall offers a convenient way for highly mobile business users to protect the data stored on their portables.

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Kensington Personal Firewall

Business travelers often lack the time to verify the security of every wireless hot spot they use. If you count yourself among this group, check out the handy Kensington Personal Firewall, which can keep your data secure no matter which Wi-Fi network you connect to. Plug the tiny adapter into a USB port on your Windows XP-based laptop, and it proceeds to protect both inbound and outbound traffic on your system. While software-based firewalls such as Zone Labs' ZoneAlarm Pro 5.5 also provide this level of security, your IS team may not allow you to install one of these apps. The Kensington Personal Firewall makes a good, secure compromise.

The 1.8-inch-long Kensington Personal Firewall is about the size of a typical matchbox, so it's likely to get lost among the many other items in your carry-on or laptop bag. However, you can keep closer tabs on it by hooking it onto your keychain with the included ring. We wish the cap were permanently attached to prevent it from vanishing as well. The case itself consists of sturdy brushed aluminum, which emerged unscathed after a few days inside our backpack. The top of the device has a tiny LED that flashes on and off to indicate activity.

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