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The Good Both applications in Apple iWork '06--Keynote 3 and Pages 2--have simple interfaces for basic tasks. A new Tables feature is welcome and points the way toward spreadsheet capabilities; Keynote presentations have a leg up on Microsoft PowerPoint's.

The Bad Some of Keynote's more advanced features are lost when saved to the PowerPoint format, and sound support is limited. Pages 2 is slow to register what you are typing.

The Bottom Line Overall, Apple iWork '06 is a compelling package, though mostly due to Keynote 3. Keynote 3 is a better tool than PowerPoint, and Pages 2 offers some intriguing new features, though professional users will still yearn for Adobe FrameMaker.

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Apple iWork '06

iWork '06 is Apple's latest update to the closest thing it has to a productivity suite. The two included applications, the slide-show creation tool, Keynote 3, and the graphical page layout program, Pages 2, aren't quite of the same ilk. Keynote 3 is certainly a pro-level tool, being a solid competitor to Microsoft's PowerPoint , but Pages 2 does not really go head-to-head with Microsoft Word, although it boasts new features and is a breeze to use. While Word is a kitchen-sink text editor, with a feature list that verges on bloat, Pages 2 does fewer things. In graphical layouts, it beats Word easily, but it doesn't include features that professional writers need, such as footnoting. You can't buy the applications separately, so you'll have to determine for yourself whether you need both Pages 2 and Keynote 3 or whether one is worth the price of both. Still, though this is no Office killer (no spreadsheet application--yet), iWork '06's combination of power and simplicity can be great for the home or SOHO user.

Installing iWork '06 is a simple matter of double-clicking the installer application on the iWork '06 CD-ROM; the installer program takes you through the steps of agreeing to the terms of use, deciding where you want to place the applications, and reviewing the options for installing extras or just one of the bundled programs.

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  • Release date Jan 11, 2006
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