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The Good The iRecord Pro is exceptionally easy to use, and it offers a way to time-shift the TV content you already pay for and place-shift the DVD content you already own. It works with a variety of devices, including all video-capable iPods, the iPhone, the PSP, and the Walkman. It also offers audio-only recording, and can be used to record to your computer (Mac or Windows).

The Bad The iRecord Pro is very expensive, and there's no way to schedule recordings. Real-time recording only.

The Bottom Line The iRecord Pro provides an exceedingly simple way to record video content to a variety of portable devices, including the iPhone and the PSP, but the high price tag and lack of a scheduling feature make it a questionable investment for all but the most computer-phobic users.

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Part of the reason the iPod has been so successful is that compatible content is so simple to acquire--and there's plenty of it. Now, the iRecord Pro, a simple one-touch personal media recorder, makes content even easier to get. And the beauty of it is that it's not only for the iPod, you can also record directly to the Sony Walkman, the Sony PSP, and other devices. Unfortunately, the iRecord Pro is way overpriced at $259, and while it will save you money on content in the long run, the fact that it's crippled by its lack of a scheduling feature--and that it offers only real-time recording--makes the price tag exceedingly hard to swallow.

The black, plastic iRecord Pro box offers a noticeable improvement over the sterile design of its predecessor, the iRecord . It offers some rounded edges and some muted silver piping that accents it nicely. At 5.5 inches by 3.6 inches by 1 inch, it's noticeably larger than the iPod but smaller than any other part of a home theater system. Only two buttons grace the top of the device: power and record. The back houses the necessary inputs--RCA AV, S-Video, and power--while the left edge contains the standard USB port for connecting portable players and the right incorporates a mini USB for attaching computers.

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