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The Good The Iqua Vizor is a sleek Bluetooth speakerphone with an innovative design that conforms perfectly to a car's sun visor. It has large and easy-to-use controls, as well as a nice Fast call feature that lets you save and dial a favorite number.

The Bad The Iqua Vizor has just average call quality, and it picks up quite a bit of background noise.

The Bottom Line If you can live with its questionable sound quality, the Iqua Vizor is an affordable and user-friendly Bluetooth speakerphone that's easy on the eyes.

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Thanks to new driving laws requiring the use of hands-free cell phone devices, Bluetooth speakerphones have become quite popular. While quite a few high-end cars have built-in speaker systems to handle cell phone calls, most of us are stuck with either a Bluetooth headset or the same old wired headset. Bluetooth speakerphones offer a great alternative to those who prefer not to use a headset at all. The Iqua Vizor is one such device, and as its name suggests, it is specifically designed to clip on to a car's visor. We love its ease of use and its sleek design, but its sound quality is a little disappointing. It's quite affordable at around $70 per unit.

The design of the Iqua Vizor is a little unusual when compared with other Bluetooth speakerphones. Almost three-fourths of its body comes from a rather heavy base, which has two magnets on the bottom. These magnets can then be attached to the included metal sun visor clip, for attaching the unit to the car's visor. At the bottom left of the base is the Vizor's loudspeaker. Below the base is a hinged flap that houses all of the controls. You can fold down the flap for easy access to the Vizor's controls. This way, you can have your car's visor up or down, and still be able to use the Vizor comfortably. We think this is a pretty smart idea, since a lot of Bluetooth speakerphones don't allow for a lot of flexibility in positioning the car visor.

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