Ion Tailgater review: Ion Tailgater

A standard, three-prong power cable input is located on the back of the Tailgater (a power cable is included), which is used to provide direct power or recharge the system's internal battery (it takes about 12 hours to reach full charge, giving you approximately 8 hours of continuous playback). The back of the Tailgater also includes a power switch, an output link for pairing with another speaker, and a battery level indicator.

We're happy to see that all of the Tailgater's audio inputs can be used simultaneously, allowing you to combine your iPod with a microphone or instrument input (karaoke anyone?), and the capability to adjust each input independently makes it easy to balance levels. A lightweight, karaoke-style microphone is also included with the Tailgater.

The ugly duckling
The Tailgater is an oddity among iPod speaker systems, making it tough to assign an accurate rating. Given its rough design and monophonic sound, this is certainly not the kind of iPod speaker system we recommend for the living room or night stand. With the understanding that the Tailgater is intended for outdoor parties, family karaoke nights, and practicing musicians, we think it hits the mark and offers a good value.

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