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The Good The Intec Game Boy Micro Safe Case can hold the Micro, a few games, and some accessories securely.

The Bad The large case works against the Game Boy Micro's signature trait-- its pocket-friendly size.

The Bottom Line The Game Boy Micro Safe Case's resemblance to a mini attaché case will appeal to some, but the majority will probably find it just too large.

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Nintendo's Game Boy Micro was designed to be easily slipped into a pocket, but finding a way to carry your extra games and accessories while on the go is a more difficult proposition. That's where Intec's Safe Case comes in. This $10 hard case not only offers serious protection for your Micro, but it accommodates three extra games and a few accessories.

The Game Boy Micro Safe Case's only major problem is its size--it measures about 3 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 2 inches thick, making it all but impossible to fit in most pockets. You can use the small shoulder strap to tote this minibriefcase around, but we suspect most people will want store it in a backpack. Open the case, and you'll see there's plenty of room to store your Micro--an elastic strap secures it--and Game Boy accessories such as link cables or earbud headphones. A flap in the middle of the interior has three smaller elastic straps, allowing you to store three extra games, in addition to the one you can leave in the Micro itself. The latch used to open the Safe Case works like a charm, as we never had any trouble opening or closing it.

Ultimately, the Game Boy Micro Safe Case isn't going to appeal to anyone who truly values the pocket-friendly nature of the Micro. But if you're Micro owner--or the parent of a Micro owner--looking for a mini-attaché case to protect the tiny game console and a few prized games and accessories--and by protect we also mean prevent from losing--the Game Boy Micro Safe Case makes sense.

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