iFrogz Ear Pollution Timbre earphones review: iFrogz Ear Pollution Timbre earphones

One thing can be said for certain of the Timbre earphones and that is that they sound noticeably different from most other earbuds we've tested. First of all, audio comes across as much more open-sounding than what is typical with in-ear 'phones. Also, lows sound exceptionally natural--there's really no other way to put it. Sure, bass is not going to compare with what you experience with actual speakers, but the resonance of the lows coming from the Timbres is comparable to that of wood-encased speakers. That being said, the reverberation inside the housing can give bass a muffled or muddy quality in certain cases.

As for general sound quality, we found that some genres tended to shine more than others. Almost unsurprisingly, "older" music--i.e., classic rock, new wave, oldies, jazz--sounds great, with good high-end detail and warm mids. Mellow electronica and downtempo tunes (Fever Ray, Salmonella Dub) are also well-represented by the Timbre earphones. However, some rap, pop, and alt-rock comes across as overly frantic and harsh and tends to suffer from more low-end muddiness. Still, on the whole, the Ear Pollution Timbre headphones are an excellent value in terms of sound quality for the money. However, those who own the iPod Touch or Nano should be aware that the version with the mic is not an appropriate choice for their sound recording needs because the metal headphone jack housing causes interference.

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