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The Good Separate game pad area isolates keys in a game-friendly design, and robust customization software lets you tweak the key mapping as much as you want.

The Bad Keys feel too light to the touch without enough tactile response; nonstandard number key layout is hard to get used to; game pad keys are hard to differentiate without looking.

The Bottom Line The Ideazon Merc Gaming Keyboard brings some innovation to the typical game keyboard by creating a separate cluster of game keys in a supposedly easier-to-use layout. We didn't take a shine to the game pad, though, and in general, the Merc's response wasn't as tight as we hoped for. It's cheap though, and its software is powerful. Those features add value, just don't expect the Merc to help you win any Quake tournaments.

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Ideazon Merc Gaming Keyboard

It's hard to argue with the Ideazon Merc Gaming Keyboard's $40 price tag. It's not as responsive as the $99 CNET Editor's Choice-winning Razer Tarantula, and it doesn't even light up like the $99 Logitech G15 or the $60 and $70 (respectively) Saitek Eclipse or Eclipse II. The separate game key cluster isn't all that great, either, since the bunched up key layout impedes accuracy. But for $40, the Merc does deliver some flexible, powerful customization software. We wouldn't recommend it for performance-oriented games, but if all you're interested in is tailoring your keyboard to your favorite titles, the Merc is worth a try.

Imagine Ideazon's Fang Gamepad attached to the side of an otherwise boring keyboard, and you have a pretty good sense of what the Merc is all about. That's actually not a bad idea in concept. Rather than forcing you to hunt and peck your way through a typical QWERTY layout, the idea of the Merc is to isolate an additional set of game keys in more user-friendly design.

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  • Release date Mar 6, 2006
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