I-Rocks RF-6520 ultraslim wireless keyboard review:

I-Rocks RF-6520 ultraslim wireless keyboard

I-Rocks includes three AAA batteries with the RF-6520 that power its 2.4GHz wireless transmitter that connects to the host computer's USB 2.0 port. According to the company, its battery life will last approximately six months with normal use. While we prefer Bluetooth technology because it's one less dongle to worry about, but the RF-6520 has a small storage clip built into the underside of the keyboard to help you keep track of it.

According to the specifications page on I-Rocks Web site, the keyboard is compatibility with Windows machines only, but only because of the Windows button. In our anecdotal tests, the keyboard works on a Mac if you use DoubleCommand, a handy tool that swaps the Alt and Windows keys for Option and Apple.

On the bottom of the keyboard, you'll find a compartment for the batteries, the wireless transmitter, and two feet that flip up to position the keys at an upright angle. The bottom also has four rubber feet to keep the keyboard from sliding around on a smooth tabletop, but it's missing a corresponding set of feet on the opposite end. The four feet do a decent job of bracing the keyboard as you type, but it irritated us that we had to reposition the keyboard often.

The I-Rocks RF-6520 uses a super lightweight plastic to maintain its light 300-gram weight, but it makes it feel cheap and flimsy.

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