Huawei M835 Ideos - black (MetroPCS) review: Huawei M835 Ideos - black (MetroPCS)

Photo quality disappointed us on the M835.

The Huawei M835 has a 3.2-megapixel camera and camcorder, which is about what we'd expect to see on a phone of this type. There were fewer controls than on other Android phones, with settings just for image size, location options, white balance, presets, and zoom.

Unfortunately, the quality of both still shots and videos is a disappointment. Colors in outdoor shots were often wan in shadow and overexposed in bright sunlight, and often both lacked focus. Indoor shots were also lacking, and without a flash or night mode, you'll want to avoid taking photos at night. The camcorder produced videos on the grainier side, which were jerkier in playback than that on other phones. The colors again paled in comparison to real life, and motion sometimes blurred on playback. Will the feature work for getting the message across? Absolutely, but don't hang your hopes on pristine quality; they'll just keep dangling. The M835 has 256MB internal memory, but accepts up to 32GB external storage for multimedia hounds. It comes with a 2GB microSD card in the box to get you started.

We tested the dual-core (CDMA 800/1700 or 1900/2100, depending on the city) Huawei M835 in the San Francisco Bay Area using MetroPCS' network. Call quality was pretty poor. Although volume was fine to our ears, we heard a lot of background noise. Voices also sounded a little muffled and digitized. Our callers didn't hear background noise, they said, but our voice sounded piercing, even with the volume turned down. While our voice didn't sound clouded, they said, it wasn't exactly clear, either.

Voice sample: Huawei M835 call quality sample
Listen now:

Speakerphone was also disappointing. Volume was low on the M835, and the white noise and voice distortion intensified. On their side, our caller noted a lower volume, but it was still enough to hear. Still, it retained a muffled quality and audio cut in and out a couple of times.

MetroPCS doesn't have a 3G network and is slowly building out its 4G network for a currently (very) small selection of 4G-enabled phones. The M835 has 2.5G speeds, which feels achingly slow by 4G standards. Even worse is the handset's pokey 528 Mhz processor. There was significant lag time between opening, closing, and switching apps and navigation in general, so patience is a prerequisite for anyone considering this device.

Battery life is also mediocre, only up to 4 hours talk time and up to 8.8 days on its 1,200 MaH battery, and even less if you use data. The FCC measured the handset's digital SAR at 0.82 watts per kilogram.

You get what you pay for with the Huawei M835. $80 isn't outrageously high for a prepaid phone; in fact, it's pretty low for an Android phone of any class. Unfortunately, the M835 (just like the Comet on T-Mobile and the Ideos the world round) offers nothing special, just slow performance, poor call quality, and a diminutive screen. For $20 more you can find a better handset in the LG Optimus M, which costs $99 at the time of writing. While the M835 may still appeal to some, we wouldn't recommend it.

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