HP X7000 Touch Mouse with Wi-Fi (Black) review:

HP X7000 Touch Mouse with Wi-Fi (Black)

Like many mice before it, the HP X7000 features a rectangular strip that rests between the two buttons where you normally get a tactile scroll dial. That area attempts to replicate scrolling with touch sensitivity, but it also doubles as a third button that activates autoscrolling. Touch-sensitive scroll strips are typically a harmless novelty, but in this case the strip is hypersensitive, making it prone to accidental clicks if you leave your finger on the dial too long.

Other annoyances that limit the usability of the X7000 include the inability to mouse left and right using the touch sensor and a brief but noticeable wait time while the mouse reconnects to a network card after you wake the computer up from sleep mode. Also, the center touch panel is only slightly raised above the left and right buttons, so it's not as easy to feel out the demarcations without actually looking down at the mouse.

The HP Mouse Control Center that installs with the driver software lets you change the scroll resolution, the pointer speed, and the specific functions of the five buttons (left click, right click, middle press, and two side buttons), but you can't remap them to launch specific applications or perform keystroke combinations--the Logitech Performance Mouse MX can do both using its SetPoint software.

Although connecting through Wi-Fi is a valuable capability, given its combination of hardware limitations and performance failures I wouldn't recommend the HP X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse.

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