HP DVD-Writer DVD100i drive review: HP DVD-Writer DVD100i drive

A well-rounded bundle
Unless you're planning on producing professional videos, the DVD100i's software bundle should take care of all of your video-capture and disc-creation needs. Sonic's MyDVD is provided for easy creation of DVD-movie discs. The program lets you storyboard your masterpiece by importing and converting files, capturing video, and the like. It even lets you record directly to a DVD+RW disc from a DV source such as a camera. One caveat: MyDVD requires an 800MHz or better CPU.

HP provides RecordNow to take care of audio and data CD-mastering chores, while the company's Simple Backup program adds backup and disaster-recovery capabilities. The DLA (Drive Letter Access) program lets you use DVD+RW discs like floppies, randomly copying and erasing files via the standard Windows interface. PowerDVD is included to play DVD movies.

HP offers the industry standard one-year warranty on the DVD100i, and tech support is available from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. However, tech-support calls are on your dime, though HP claims an average hold time of five minutes or less. You can also get help via the company's well-organized support pages. Because the drive is new, there are few upgrades or patches, but you can find the usual drivers, applications, product manuals, and troubleshooting information there.

To buy or not to buy
If you don't care about compatibility with older DVD hardware, then the DVD100i is a great drive for backing up your system or creating DVD movies. But if you want to author DVDs for Aunt Jenny and her year-old drive or DVD player, you might want to opt for a DVD-RW drive or wait for the next generation of DVD+RW drives that have DVD+R capability.

Data write tests
Time, in minutes, to perform tasks (shorter bars indicate better performance)
Write a 383MB file to DVD-RAM or DVD+RW media   
Write 500MB directory to DVD-RAM or DVD+RW media   
HP DVD-Writer DVD100i (DVD+RW drive)
QPS Que DVD Burner (DVD-RAM/R)
Movie write tests
Movie files vary in size due to different compression rates, so write speed is measured in MB per second (longer bars indicate better performance)

HP DVD-Writer DVD100i (DVD+RW drive)
QPS Que DVD Burner (DVD-RAM/R)
Read tests
Time, in minutes, to perform tasks (shorter bars indicate better performance)
Copy the 383MB file from DVD-RAM or DVD+RW to hard drive   
Copy 500MB directory from DVD-RAM or DVD+RW to hard drive   
HP DVD-Writer DVD100i (DVD+RW drive)
QPS Que DVD Burner (DVD-RAM/R)
The HP DVD-Writer DVD100i was much faster than the QPS DVD burner when burning DVD movies and writing data. The read tests were also in the DVD100i's favor but showed a much smaller margin.

What you'll pay

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Where to Buy

HP DVD-Writer DVD100i drive

Part Number: C9619AABA

MSRP: $444.43

See manufacturer website for availability.

Quick Specifications See All

  • Write Speed 12x (CD) / 4x (DVD)
  • Rewrite Speed 10x (CD) / 2x (DVD)
  • Weight 2 lbs
  • Type DVD+RW
  • Read Speed 32x (CD) / 8x (DVD)