Headcase Bottle Opener Phone Case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S (black) review: Headcase Bottle Opener Phone Case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S (black)

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The Good The affordable Headcase Bottle Opener Phone Case for iPhone 4/4S offers durable protection and two ways to open a bottle or can. You can choose among a range of colors and college logos.

The Bad It's bulky and ungainly, and unless you're mighty thirsty, you're not going to need it 99 percent of the time. Although secure, the case is hard to remove. Enthusiastic can openers could splash liquid into the iPhone's headset jack.

The Bottom Line With its protruding bottle opening mouth, the Headcase Bottle Opener Phone Case for iPhone 4/4S isn't for anyone seeking a low profile. It is, however, a usable tool for a very specific purpose.

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It's hard to resist toying around with an iPhone case with a conceit as brotastic as the Headcase Bottle Opener Phone Case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S ($19.99). Headcase has been making bottle opener cases for various phones for some time, but there's something about handling the protruding stainless steel mouth of the opener to really drive home the wackiness of a product that is, by turns, useful and completely cumbersome.

See, the Headcase shell is quite nice on its own: hard and durable, with a smooth finish that easily withstands my nail scratches. My review unit was custom-decorated with the University of Miami logo, but you can choose another alma mater, a different design (like the American flag), or a solid color. Peering closely, I detected some rubbing away on one or two of the case's edges and corners. The two pieces of the housing snap together so securely, it took two people to pry it off.

Then there's the bottle opener mount, which starts just below the camera lens, sticks out almost half an inch, and contains two fins that stick straight up to the top of the case and are intended to open aluminum cans.

The effect is a bulky and ungainly case, but I realize I may not be Headcase's target demographic. So I handed the case around to several colleagues, including some men who dropped it into their front jeans pockets in various configurations and declared it so unobstructive, they didn't even notice it.

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Headcase Bottle Opener Phone Case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S (black)

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