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The Good Griffin's iTalkPro can record in stereo for high quality audio or lower quality mono to save space. The unit takes good recordings, picking up the source sound well, while disregarding most background noise.

The Bad The Griffin iTalkPro drains from the iPod's battery, and there's no way to charge the player while using the recorder. The device offers no built-in speaker for monitoring recordings, and it's only compatible with newer iPods.

The Bottom Line Griffin's new microphone accessory for the iPod and Nano does a decent job of recording voices but has a couple of drawbacks that could make potential buyers move onto the competition.

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For those who want to turn their iPods into digital audio recorders, Griffin offers the iTalkPro ($50), a much-needed update to the iTalk. The iTalkPro is simple to use and does an adequate job of recording a person talking, but it only works with fifth-gen iPods and second-gen Nanos. Other users are out of luck.

The iTalkPro is a sleek and compact (2.4x0.8x0.4 inches) device designed to blend in with the iPod's simplicity. There's just one large, clickable button on the front of the unit, with a ring around it that lights up red so you can easily confirm that it's recording. Getting up and running is as simple as removing it from the package and snapping it onto the bottom of the iPod. The iPod screen automatically displays the voice memo feature, and you're ready to start recording with a push of the aforementioned button. Unless you opt to record in low quality mono, all recordings are in 16-bit stereo at 44.1 kHz (considered CD quality). The iTalkPro also includes an auxiliary line input, so you can attach an external mic if you want, or you can use a 1/8-to-1/8 inch cable to record directly from a stereo, CD player, or other music source.

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