Granny Smith for iOS review: Don't be fooled: Granny's got skills

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The Good Granny Smith has beautiful hand-drawn graphics, fun physics-based gameplay, and levels that bring plenty of challenge.

The Bad When you miss some jumps, the whole level starts over. Sound design is unimpressive in contrast with the excellent graphics and gameplay.

The Bottom Line If you're looking for a fast-paced platformer with excellent physics-based gameplay, don't let the tame name fool you. Granny Smith is both challenging and a lot of fun.

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Granny Smith lets you play as a cane-wielding granny as you roller skate through levels trying to pick up three apples before an apple thief steals them first. Fortunately, the apple thief is not a great skater, but you'll still have to pull off an almost perfect run to stay ahead.

The controls in Granny Smith are as simple as can be, but it's your timing that will bring you the most success. On the lower right a jump button will send you flipping through the air, and you'll need to let go at the right moment to stick your landing if you want to keep your speed. A button in the lower left extends Granny Smith's cane so you can grab on to wires and zip-line past obstacles. The key is to take the path that leads you through the most coins and each level's three apples, all while staying ahead of the thief, who will steal your perfect three-apple rating. At the beginning of the second world you'll get a new button in the lower right that you can use to throw baseballs that will knock out walls and windows that slow you down.

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