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Google Toolbar

(Part #: GOOGLETOOLBAR) Released: Jul 30, 2004

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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Easy installation; good customization options; offers many specific types of searches; auto form filler with password protection; posts entries on your blog; translates Web pages into English; gets info on the Web page you're visiting; best overall search results.

The Bad No specific weather search; voting buttons don't serve any apparent function; spotty up-one-level feature.

The Bottom Line Google's toolbar goes above and beyond its competitors, offering a wide range of specific searches, stellar search results, and a slew of extras, including an automatic form filler.

8.3 Overall
  • Setup and interface 8.0
  • Features 8.0

Google Toolbar

Boasting a blogging tool, an auto form filler that securely stores your credit card numbers, a spelling checker for any word typed into a Web form, a language translator to translate any English word into other languages, and even the ability to map any address you find on the Web, the Google Toolbar is a worthy browsing companion. Complete with a broad range of specific types of searches and excellent search results, Google's toolbar would win our highest praises were it not for Yahoo Toolbar's best-of-show pop-up blocker, portable bookmarks, and superb customization options.

Installing Google's 463KB toolbar was a piece of cake in our tests; it took us about a minute to download the install file and step through the setup wizard. Once the toolbar is up and running, you can add or remove buttons, set the buttons as icon only or icon and text, and drag the search box bigger or smaller.

Google toolbar gives you the requisite specific search options, including searching the entire Web, querying Google Images, News, Groups (for Usenet posts), and Froogle (Google's shopping search). You can also search for stock quotes--Google sends you to Yahoo Finance for that--and dictionary entries through, but there's no weather search--sorry, Weather Channel fans. You can also highlight search terms on the page you're visiting and cycle through search results from the toolbar.

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