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Google Home

You can add Gadgets in fewer steps than with the widgets for Netvibes. Just click Add It Now, and Google Home displays a check mark. Google's Gadgets include a world clock, lunar phase, eBay auctions, religious verses, to-do lists, stock quotes, space photos from NASA, yellow pages, links, and maps. Open coding allows users to add their own widgets, so the library will continue to evolve. At this point, Google Gadgets are more plentiful than similar widgets within the Windows Live Gallery. And Yahoo's widgets cannot be added to My Yahoo.

Google Home offers a giant gallery of Gadgets that you can add to your own page with one mouse-click. Of course, you can search for modules on nearly any subject.

Modules of Google tools include Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Chat, Reader, News, and search history. You can even add a module with feeds of specific Google searches to get the latest news from around the Web about the Mets, orchids, or whatever else you're into. You can customize modules further, such as creating a feed for a topic as you would with Google Alerts. Among the competition, Google Home also has the most games: Pac-Man, Hangman, Tetris, and Sudoku, to name a few. We created a Silly tab for that stuff. But remember that once you leave the tab or page, you'll lose the work up to that point; our half-full crossword puzzle went blank when we skipped to another tab.

Keep in mind that if you're logged in and you use Google to research a sensitive subject, such as breast cancer, you'd be wise to sign out first. Otherwise, Google will remember your activities and tailor its search results accordingly--which might rank search results related to your previous lookups high on the page.

Google's well-organized, searchable help resources are better than those for most other home pages, although we couldn't find a user forum to add to the mix. To contact peers, you'll have to look for posts within the general Google forum.

To keep up-to-date with the latest headlines and to access widgets, we'd rather use Google Home than the intrusive Google Desktop 4. We like Google Home's balance of powerful features and clean design. If you already use Google's other services, this one can put many of them onto one convenient page.

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