Full for iOS review: Capable goal-tracking app needs work

My biggest gripe about Full is the inability to reorganize your Goals list. Currently, the order of your Goals mirrors the order you entered them into the app. It's a trivial complaint, but if you enter more than six goals for any given month, you'll have to scroll down through the list to track the last goal you entered.

In situations like this, the simplicity of launching the app, swiping a goal, and closing the app is lost. Adding the power to rearrange goals would reinforce the main selling point of Full.

Remembering to track

When I approach using an app like this, I always think it's a good idea but wish I didn't have to remember to actually launch it to track my progress. It's the same with task-managing apps -- I can never remember to enter reminders into the app. Oh, the irony.

What the developers at Full decided to do was set a recurring notification for the app. Doing so means your iOS device will remind you to track your goals every day. For me, that reminder seems to fire every night at 7 p.m. At that time of night, I'm typically spending time with my kids, making alerts like this one something I ignore or dismiss without a second thought.

Unfortunately I can't find a setting within the app to customize the alert time. I'd love to see an option to change the alert time, or even just to snooze the current alert for a couple of hours.


It's no secret that tracking progress on a goal you're working toward can provide a boost in motivation. Full is a well-designed app, with a straightforward user experience.

Unfortunately, it's not quite ready for prime time yet. With just a few tweaks to the app, Full would be the ideal app for keeping tabs on your progress, but for now I would wait for another update.

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