Fotodanz for Android review: It's not Cinemagram, but it still works really well

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The Good Fotodanz is an incredibly simple app for making cinemagraphs (partially animated GIFs).

The Bad There are no options to remove watermark, or customize video length, speed, or other loop settings.

The Bottom Line While it may not offer quite the customization options of the popular iOS app Cinemagram, Fotodanz's simplicity is certainly its biggest strength. That said, it is a fantastic app for creating cinemagraphs.

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Similar to the megapopular Cinemagram app for iOS, Fotodanz for Android lets you create cinemagraphs using your mobile device's camera. If you've never seen a cinemagraph, it's a bit like a hybrid between a photo and a video. While it's mostly a static image, a cinemagraph contains an isolated area with a looping movement. So, imagine taking a still photo of a bustling crowd, but being able to "animate" a single isolated person within that crowd. These are the types of scenes a cinemagraph can capture. Typically, creating a cinemagraph requires photo-editing software and compositing skills, but with Fotodanz (as well as with Cinemagram for iOS), the process is dramatically simplified and only takes a few seconds.

To start using Fotodanz, compose your photo like you normally would, and press capture. Fotodanz will snap the still photo, plus it will record 3 seconds (by default) of video for you to "animate" your cinemagraph with. A long-press on the Capture screen is supposed to change the record length to 5 seconds, but I couldn't get this setting to work. Instead, I was limited to 3 seconds of movement for my cinemagraph, which was disappointing.

Trace around the area or areas (up to six) that you want to see animated. The rest of the photo will remain static. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

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