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The Good Utilizes innovative bone-conduction audio technology; sounds fine underwater; allows swimmers to break up the splashy monotony with tunes; comes with its own goggles but can be used with other brands.

The Bad Expensive; placement of controls on the back of the head makes it difficult to operate; excessively loud if not placed directly against cheekbones; can cause nausea; doesn't include wall charger.

The Bottom Line The SwiMP3 could add some fun to your swim routine, if you can afford it--just beware of potential nausea-inducing inner ear imbalance.

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Finis SwiMP3

Without a doubt, Finis's SwiMP3 (128MB, $250) is the most unusual MP3 player we've seen to date. While the company doesn't specialize in portable audio devices, its many years of experience making advanced training equipment for swimmers are well implemented in the SwiMP3. And although the player could use a few notable improvements, competitive and casual swimmers alike will certainly see the appeal of the device.

You wear the SwiMP3 in the water, and the player comes attached to Finis's Lane 4 goggles, though you may use your own. The main downfall of this design is that it places the controls, which consist of three buttons (on/off, next/volume up, and previous/volume down), on the back of the head. Because the keys are already stiff and difficult to press, our test swimmer had to remove the player and goggles every time she needed to adjust the volume or change songs. There's no LCD on the player, but this isn't an issue, considering its simplistic interface and minimalist features.

The SwiMP3's control placement is inconvenient, though it probably is the best positioning for reducing drag.

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  • Supported Digital Audio Standards MP3
  • Installed Size 128 MB
  • Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Type Flash player
  • Capacity 128 MB