Fieldrunners 2 for Android review:

Bigger and better tower defense than the original

If you tap on one of your units, you can see its firing range, which can help you arrange your battlefield most effectively. What you can't do, though, is see the firing ranges of multiple units at once. Perhaps in a future release, developers will add this feature, so you can easily fill in any gaps in your battlefield coverage.

From top to bottom, Fieldrunners 2 feels like a completely rebuilt game. More than just new maps and updated art, this sequel offers 20 well-designed levels that take the war to urban landscapes, grassy fields, and sandy deserts.

The best part about Fieldrunners 2 is its huge assortment of turrets, or towers. There are 20 in all, and each deals out a unique type of damage. The staple machine guns, glue guns (to slow down soldiers), and missile turrets are all there from the first game. But now there are quite a few new weapons, including a tower that flings bee hives and another that attacks a row of enemies across the entire screen. If you're good enough, you might even unlock the tower that can turn enemies into barnyard animals. In addition to the new towers, the game includes new abilities you can call in like a missile strike or landmines for when things get really tough.

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