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The Good Field Trip has a beautiful interface and a great assortment of content partners.

The Bad The map view can be overwhelming; it needs to do a better job of sorting recommendations.

The Bottom Line For now, Field Trip is probably best viewed as a fun and interesting novelty, not a local-search necessity.

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Developed by Google, Field Trip is essentially a pocket guide to interesting and fun things around you, whether they be restaurants, museums, shops, or events. Because it pulls data from dozens of different sources, it offers a wide variety of recommendations of things for you to visit, or at the very least, read about.

First thing you need to know about Field Trip is where its recommendations come from. The app taps into popular Web-based publications such as Thrillist, Zagat, Eater, Inhabitat, and Cool Hunting. Anytime it recognizes a post from one these sources as pertaining to your location, it gives you a recommendation in the form of a card. These cards show you info like the source of the post, its date, a snippet of copy, and even an exact location mentioned. Oh, and cards come in seven different categories, such as Architecture, Food, Outdoor Art, and Offers.

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