Fantastical 2 for iPad review: Like Reminders, Calendar, and Siri combined

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4 stars Excellent
  • Overall: 8.1
  • Installation and Setup: 9.0
  • Features and Support: 8.0
  • Interface: 8.0
  • Performance: 8.0
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The Good Fantastical 2 for iPad helps you create events or reminders with just a few words, instead of countless taps. It combines your iOS Calendar and Reminders into one app.

The Bad Compared to many calendar apps, Fantastical 2 is pretty expensive. The amount of information displayed can be overwhelming.

The Bottom Line With the ability to use natural language to make appointments and reminders, and a (mostly) intuitive interface, Fantastical 2 for iPad is the best way to manage your schedule.

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When I tried Fantastical 2 for iPhone, it was so easy to use that I immediately wanted it for my iPad. Fortunately the wait is over: Fantastical 2 for iPad is finally here, and it's just as good as its smaller sibling.

For those who haven't tried it, Fantastical is a full Calendar and Reminders replacement for iOS devices. Instead of having to manage your schedule and tasks in two different apps -- as Apple expects you to do -- you can manage and view everything in one, consolidated app. The approach may sound novel, but it's far from it. And now that the iPad version is available, the all-in-one mentality is possible across all of your iOS devices.

Import your data

As noted in my review of Fantastical 2 for iPhone, the import process for setting up accounts within the app is super-easy. Instead of requiring you to log in to one of your accounts (Google or iCloud), Fantastical 2 simply asks for permission to access your iOS device's current Calendar and Reminders data.

The benefit here is twofold: first, you don't have to worry about Fantastical 2 suffering a security breach and leaking your credentials. Secondly, you're able to import your existing information with just two taps.


I was curious as to how the Flexibits team would decide to layout the user-interface of Fantastical on the iPad. The bigger screen affords more information to be put on display, but at the risk of potentially overwhelming users. While I think the initial layout of Fantastical 2 for iPad is a smart use of space, I can't help but long for the option to customize it.

The default view includes a weekly calendar section along the top half (give or take a few pixels, depending on device orientation) of your screen, with an agenda list and a monthly calendar section sharing the bottom of the screen equally.

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