Facebook for iOS review: The best way to look at Facebook on the go

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CNET Editors' Rating

4.5 stars Outstanding
  • Overall: 8.6
  • Installation and Setup: 10.0
  • Features and Support: 8.0
  • Interface: 7.0
  • Performance: 10.0

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4.5 stars 1 user review
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The Good Facebook is an excellent way to browse the social network while on the go. New messaging tools give you easy access to conversations while you browse, and the Wi-Fi calling features work beautifully.

The Bad Those who enjoyed using the photo navigation strip across the bottom of photos when viewing on the iPad are out of luck.

The Bottom Line The latest version of the app is the best yet, making it a must-download for Facebook users. The new communication tools will make it easier to connect with friends and get the latest status updates.

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Editors' note: This review has been updated to reflect changes in version 6.0.

The Facebook app for iOS that lets you browse the popular social-networking site on your phone or tablet just got updated with some new features to enhance chatting with your friends. Recent updates made it run much faster than earlier versions, offering quicker ways to browse through friends' pages, statuses, photos, and other communications. But the new update to the app adds Chat Heads and Stickers to add a little fun to your Facebook communications.

Across the top of the interface, you still have a button to open the navigation sidebar, one to look at friend requests, a chat bubble for messages, and a globe for notifications. To get to the navigation sidebar, you can either hit the button or simply swipe your finger to the right. In the sidebar you have all the same functions that you would on the Web site, so you can touch to browse the News Feed, Messages, nearby check-ins, events, groups, and any Facebook apps you might use. With the update, Facebook now has buttons at the top of your feed that you can tap to switch among the News Feed, All Friends, and the pages you're following.

One of the best things about Facebook is the interface for browsing photos. Just tap on a friend's Photos link and you quickly get all of his photo folders. From there you can just tap on a folder to browse. When you view a photo from a folder full-screen, you can swipe sideways to move on to the next picture and swipe up or down to return to the folder. You also can quickly upload a photo from your library or snap a new picture to upload with your iPhone or iPad. All of these elements are laid out to make your most-used actions on Facebook both easy to carry out and much faster than in older versions of the app.

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