Facebook for Android review: The best way to use Facebook on the go

When you create a status update, the Facebook app lets you add text, tags, photos, and location. As of now, though, you can't add emoji. Also, if you try to add a URL, by copy and pasting it into your post, the app will not add a preview of the linked site the way the Facebook Web site does, and that's disappointing. If you really want a preview, though, you can share the URL from your mobile browser to the Facebook app, and a preview will automatically be added. While it's certainly great that this workaround exists, the Facebook app should be able to add previews on its own.

Facebook for Android can share your friends' posts from your News feed. To do so, just hit the Share button and add your own thoughts to the post (if you want), then pick an audience setting to share publicly, only with friends, and so on.

The photo upload tool is also improved over previous versions, as it lets you easily add multiple photos, tag friends, add a location, write a caption, and determine the privacy level of your photo post. Also, the photo browser is sleek, giving you a full-screen view of photos, with captions and controls at the bottom.

If you want to change your account settings, the Facebook app offers some options. There is a full Settings menu available, so you can tweak notifications, security, and so on. And if you want to change your Cover Photo, you can do so right from your Timeline. A recent update to the app also made it just as easy to swap out your profile photo -- an action that was strangely difficult to perform in previous versions.

With Facebook for Android dropping HTML5 for fully native code , the app's performance has gotten noticeably better. No longer sluggish and unstable, the app makes it easy to quickly skim through your News feed and fire off updates at will. It may not be the most attractive app on the market, but Facebook for Android certainly works well.

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