Evernote for iOS review: Access your notes from anywhere

The impressively streamlined interface in the latest version of Evernote gives you access to all your notes, notebooks, tags, and places from spring-loaded folder tabs. You can touch a tab to open a folder, or touch the top-left corner of an open folder to return to the home screen. Across the top of the home screen, there now are convenient buttons so you can quickly add a note, snap a picture, or digitize physical documents with the Page Camera.

In addition to typing in notes via Evernote (using word-processor-style formatting tools), you can add images and record audio or iSight notes to attach to your project. You can tag and search all your notes from anywhere (with fairly amazing character recognition in images), and export notes in a variety of ways once synced to desktop. Plus, Evernote syncs up your information as often as you want. You can even have the app only sync up while in Wi-Fi range to avoid overage charges on your data plan.

With the new interface, you now have easy ways to view your information no matter how you have it organized. Whether you rely on using notebooks, places, or tags to find your notes, you switch to a view tailored to your preference that shows you a handy list of each. This is a much better experience than the older versions of the app provided, putting all the ways to browse Evernote only a couple of taps away.

My only beef with this app is that the premium version offers all the important tools you need, but costs more than most people will want to pay. With Premium, you get PIN access to keep your professional documents safe; you can use and edit documents offline when there's no connection; you can view past versions of your notes with note history; and much more. I understand that a company needs to make money and Evernote is a great service, but I think $5 per month puts it out of reach of many users (like students who could really take advantage of the app), and after only a few months your investment in the service will be more than it's worth.

In spite of this particular pet peeve, there's a lot to like in Evernote, and the fact that the free version offers many of its tools makes this app easy to try out. If you're looking for a note-taking app that syncs across all platforms -- or just an easy way to keep track of your digital odds and ends -- Evernote is a worthwhile download. If you have no qualms about paying every month for the service, you get even more useful tools.

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