EverNote (beta) review: EverNote (beta)

EverNote 1.0 displays an "endless roll" of notes. The Time Band (right) and Categories Panel (left) tools help you locate and organize information.

EverNote may not match the convenience of pen and paper, but its notes are far easier to browse. The SmartSearch box in the upper-right corner allows keyword searches, and you can search handwritten notes (such as those created with a stylus or mouse), which EverNoteÂ’s on-demand, built-in character-recognition technology automatically converts to text--not surprising, since the EverNote company has specialized in handwriting recognition for PDAs and tablets. We also liked the Time Band, a right-side column that makes it easy to jump to notes from a particular date.

The current version of EverNote isnÂ’t perfect, though. For example, EverNote doesnÂ’t have a spelling checker, nor can it record audio and video clips and embed them in notes.

EverNote provides free e-mail support via its Web site--quite generous considering that the program is free, too. Unfortunately, e-mail response time is quite slow; our queries went unanswered for at least a week. The company also provides an online forum where you can ask questions of other EverNote users. Phone support isn't available.

EverNote provides free e-mail support and includes a query form on its Web site. Response time is slow, however.

By comparison, Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 users get one free e-mail or phone query, after which they must shell out $35 per support request. Microsoft also has an online forum for OneNote users.

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