Energizer Power & Play Charging System (Xbox 360) review: Energizer Power & Play Charging System (Xbox 360)

The charging stand comes with a compact AC adapter that plugs into any wall outlet. Plug a controller into one of the docks--the Power & Play System has two plugs to match the proprietary port on the Xbox 360 controller's topside--and it begins to charge. The plastic piece that holds the controller in place glows red to indicate your controller is charging, then turns green when it's fully charged. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge either single or multiple controllers.

The Energizer Power & Play Charging System for Xbox 360 isn't particularly fancy or well-built (by that we mean it has more of a budget made-in-China feel to it). In fact, it's so light that you'll need to brace the system with one hand by docking and undocking controllers with the other. As such, it would've been nice if the base was weighted, to give the whole thing a bit more substance. But it looks all right and wouldn't seem too gaudy, say, sitting behind your TV, partially hidden from view. We also appreciated that it doesn't take up too much space because it has more of a vertical orientation. In those terms, we prefer it to Nyko's Charge Base 360, which has a horizontal orientation.

All that said, the big difference between the PS3's wireless controller and the Xbox 360's wireless controller is that the rechargeable battery is removable on the latter. Microsoft makes the smaller, similarly priced Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit. That product also allows you to charge two batteries at once.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is whether you want to bother pulling the battery off your controller to charge it--or not. While the Energizer Power & Play Charging System isn't gigantic, the Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit's small footprint makes it far more stealth. If the Energizer was a little cheaper (it should be closer to $20), we'd be more gung-ho about recommending it. But right now it doesn't present a significant advantage over the Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit--so, you'll have to make the ultimate call.

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