Energizer 5W Premium USB Wall Charger review: Energizer 5W Premium USB Wall Charger

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Energizer 5W Premium USB Wall Charger

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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good The Energizer 5W USB Wall Charger has a compact and portable design that prevents your cable from getting tangled. The charging light is a nice touch.

The Bad Even when the cable is wrapped, the 5W's USB and phone ports are exposed.

The Bottom Line With its convenient and portable package, the Energizer 5W Wall Charger offers some welcome improvements over the common cell phone charger.

8.3 Overall

Energizer may be best known for its batteries and bunny, but in recent years the company has expanded into other ways of delivering power to your gadgets. Some of its products, like the wireless Inductive Charger , are a bit unusual, while others, like the 5W USB Wall Charger and Cable, are more common. Products in that second group won't get a lot of attention, but that's no reason to pass them up.

Indeed, there's no hiding the fact that the 5W charger doesn't do anything that a standard cell phone charger won't do. But if you take a closer look, you'll see that it provides a more convenient way to take power on the go. At $24.99, it costs more than you might expect, but that price is about the same (or even cheaper) than what you'd pay for a replacement cell phone charger from your manufacturer.

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The included cable wraps around the 5W charger, but the USB and phone plugs will remain exposed. Josh Miller/CNET

You can buy a 5W charger with either a Micro-USB plug or an Apple 20-pin connector for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. What's more, you can choose between a standard wall plug or a car power adapter. And if you don't need a cable at all, you can buy car and wall chargers with just a USB port.

Almost round in shape, the 5W charger is slightly larger than a golf ball. On the front end is a small light and the USB plug for the included cable. Fortunately, the cable isn't fused in its plug so you can replace it if you like. On the rear side, the wall plug folds up for easy storage. Though the 5W's shell is made of plastic, I didn't worry about its durability. More importantly, the small size and light weight made it eminently portable.

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