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The Good The DLO TuneStik is an iPod FM transmitter with a refined look and a well-conceived remote control.

The Bad The TuneStik's transmitter is pitifully underpowered, producing poor sound quality in areas with a crowded FM dial. The TuneStik cannot be operated without the included remote control--so don't lose it.

The Bottom Line Due to strict regulations, consumer FM transmitters will always be somewhat disappointing. If you can't upgrade your car stereo or use an inexpensive cassette deck adapter, at least spend a little more money for a transmitter with better broadcast quality.

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Despite the proliferation of affordable iPod-friendly car stereos, iPod FM transmitters are still a popular accessory. Nearly every iPod accessory manufacturer has its own take on the product--Belkin has its Tunebase; Griffin has the iTrip; Monster has the iCarPlay; XtremeMac has the AirPlay; Kensington has Liquid FM; and Harman Kardon has the dazzling Drive + Play 2. Digital Life Outfitters (DLO) also makes an exceptional iPod FM transmitter; unfortunately, it's not the TuneStik.

iPod FM transmitters typically come in three flavors: products that take their power from your car's cigarette lighter; products that power from replaceable batteries, and products such as the DLO TuneStik ($60) that draw power from you iPod's battery. The last of these designs are generally the least effective, lacking both the extra power and larger antenna of their kin.

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DLO TuneStik

Part Number: w006-2000 Released: Dec 4, 2007
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  • Release date Dec 4, 2007
  • CE Product Type iPod FM transmitter