DLO HomeDock for iPod review: DLO HomeDock for iPod

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The Good The DLO HomeDock offers a single way to connect your iPod to your stereo, television, and computer. Thanks to its compact design, it does it all with a small footprint. The package includes a 12-button IR remote.

The Bad The DLO HomeDock doesn't come with an A-to-B USB cable or an S-Video cable, which some connections require. It also lacks a Universal Dock, so the snap-in adapters that come with the video iPod and the Nano won't fit. Unfortunately, the remote can't move between menus.

The Bottom Line The DLO HomeDock is a great--though not the only--way to make your iPod another component in your home-entertainment system.

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DLO HomeDock for iPod

There are several ways to bridge the gap between your iPod and your home-entertainment system, but the easiest and most comprehensive solution so far is the DLO HomeDock for iPod ($99.99). This small, simply designed module lets you play your music on your stereo and your photos or videos on your TV, controlling playback with a compact remote. It even works as a computer docking station. If the remote could control more iPod functions and if the package came with all the cables you'll need, instead of only half, the HomeDock would be close to perfect.

The HomeDock module measures 5.7 by 3.7 by 0.9 inches and comes in glossy black with a white top. It's an attractive device that fits right in with audio and video components. The top houses a dock for your iPod and a slot for the remote. You'll also find an S-Video port, three RCA jacks (left and right audio plus video), and a USB port on the rear. Judging by the packaging, the HomeDock was created before the last iPod launch, so it doesn't have a Universal Dock. Instead, a movable clear-plastic backrest supports your iPod. You can adjust it to fit any model with a dock connector. The design does the job, and it works with many iPod styles, but we'd prefer the snug fit of a Universal Dock. Hopefully the next version will have one.

The HomeDock comes with two A/V cables that let you connect the device to a home stereo, a television, or a shelf speaker. We're irritated, though, that it doesn't come with an S-Video cable (for some TV sets) or a USB cable, which you'll need to connect it to your computer. It requires a USB A-to-B cable (the kind most printers use), so there's less chance you'll have an extra one on hand. It supports USB 2.0 for fast transfers, but the next version should really connect to a standard iPod cable.

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DLO HomeDock for iPod

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  • Release date Oct 20, 2005
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