Definitive Technology ProSub 800 review: Definitive Technology ProSub 800

The ProSub 800's cabinet walls are constructed from high-density medite panels fused together by polymer adhesives. The front and rear baffles are extra thick, and the cabinet incorporates internal bracing to ensure total solidity. The front cloth grille is no-frills basic, but it is removable.

Movies like House of Flying Daggers were impressively deep and well defined--far superior to what we've come to expect in similarly sized and priced subs. The ProSub 800 was just as accomplished with music. It was able to control the lowest octave of bass and still integrated well with both the Definitive Technology SSA-50 soundbar speaker and the ProCinema 800 satellite speakers we had on hand. At $400, it's a good addition to either of those systems, or any other surround setup that needs to be anchored with ample bass. Alternately, you can spend $100 more and opt for the ProSub 1000--it's essentially the same design, but with a 10-inch woofer (and corresponding infrasonic radiator).

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