Creative WP-450 Wireless Bluetooth Headset review: Creative WP-450 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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3.5 stars Very good
  • Overall: 7.0
  • Design: 6.0
  • Features: 7.0
  • Performance: 8.0

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5 stars 1 user review
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The Good The Creative WP-450 headphones are reasonably priced on-ear Bluetooth headphones with a built-in microphone for making calls and an 8-hour battery life. They offer comparably good sound quality for Bluetooth headphones.

The Bad The less expensive WP-350s may be more comfortable for some users; the on-ear design makes your ears steamy in warm weather.

The Bottom Line The Creative WP-450s are good Bluetooth wireless headphones, but the step-down WP-350 model is a better deal.

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Creative has, according to our count, at least four wireless Bluetooth headphones in its current product lineup. The two top models, the WP-450 and WP-350, have very similar specs on paper but have different designs and prices.

I reviewed the WP-350 earlier this year and gave it a positive review, highlighting the fact that it delivers a lot of bang for the buck. That model can be found online for just less than $70 while the swankier WP-450 headphones (reviewed here) go for around $120.

The first thing you notice when you compare the two models is that the WP-450 seems to have the better design. Its earcups appear to be better padded and the headband also appears sturdier. The WP-350 folds flat while the WP-450 folds up. Neither ends up being all that compact in the folded state. Both come with simple protective carrying bags.

The WP-450 folds up but not flat. Sarah Tew/CNET

After trying each one on, I was surprised to find that I thought the WP-350 was the slightly more comfortable headset. For starters, it's a bit lighter and its headband has some padding on the top while the WP-450's doesn't. I suspect the WP-450 will hold up better over time, but it just felt like it was clamped a little too tightly to my head and it was a bit uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. Of course, people's heads and ears vary in size, as does comfort level from person to person. I did test the models out on a couple of other CNET editors; one found the WP-450 more comfortable while the other gave the slight nod to the WP-350.

Both models are on-ear (meaning they sit on your ear, instead of surrounding the ear). They're not as comfortable as competing on-ear wired headphones like the Bose OE2i or the Sennheiser HD 238i models, and my ears did get a little steamy on warmer days.

I was able to achieve a tight seal on my ears, and the WP-450 earcups do a decent job of shutting out the outside world (depending on your ear, you will probably get a tighter seal with the WP-450s than the WP-350s, but that's partially because they simply fit tighter on your head). I can't say I felt all that stylish wearing them, but they're attractive enough and are a notch up in the style department from the WP-350s. That said, they do extend out more from your ears.

While they offer a bit more flair than the WP-350s and look a little pricier, there's nothing terribly fancy about the WP-450 headphones.

The buttons are well placed and easy to operate blindly. Sarah Tew/CNET

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  • Weight 4 oz
  • Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Additional Features apt-X audio compression
  • Type headset
  • Headphones Form Factor ear-cup