CorelDraw Graphics Suite 11.0 review: CorelDraw Graphics Suite 11.0

If you want to generate Web graphics, Photo-Paint now easily creates rollover images, such as buttons or graphics, that change appearance depending on the position of the cursor. And the new slicing tool lets you divide an image into smaller pieces so that it will load more efficiently in a surfer's browser.

Tools need sharpening
Sadly, Photo-Paint suffers from jerky scrolling and an all-too-perceptible delay between applying your paintbrush and seeing the stroke appear on the canvas. Worse, it took Photo-Paint 78 seconds to load a 118MB file into the main screen, using a 1.2MHz PC with 512MB of RAM. Photoshop accomplished this task in 6 seconds with the same setup. We consider Photo-Paint virtually useless for files larger than about 50MB, especially in a production environment where time is money.

For photographers, Photo-Paint offers slightly brighter news. Version 11.0 now contains a red-eye-removal tool, as well as a stitching feature that can piece multiple photographs together into a single image.

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The handy Cutout function lets you isolate specific areas of an image and turn them into objects.

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