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1 stars Terrible
  • Overall: 2.3
  • Design: 3.0
  • Features: 3.0
  • Performance: 1.0
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The Good Cute design.

The Bad Everything else.

The Bottom Line Don't bother.

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It is a rare day indeed we come across a piece of technology that so utterly fails at its intended purpose, but American electronics manufacturer Coby has managed to produce just such a device: the Coby MP-C7000 series MP3 player. Though Coby products haven't been received as particularly impressive here at CNET, neither have they scored miserably low, so we were a bit surprised at the atrocity of this digital audio player.

Coby may not have a history of outstanding gadgets, but we expected the MP-C7000 to be at least usable. In fact, aside from its compact and rather cute design, it fails miserably at every level. The player is relatively cheap: it comes in three versions--the 512MB MP-C7052, the 1GB MP-C7082, and the 2GB MP-C7092--that retail for $59.95, $69.95, and $79.95, respectively. But a low price hardly matters if you can barely use a product; plus, the SanDisk Sansa Express (1GB only) retails for less and is actually easy to use.

The Coby MP-C7000 is a cute-looking MP3 player. It's about the size of the iPod Nano, but with rounded edges, and it's ensconced in a rather Mac-like white-plastic casing. An ample (1.8-inch) color LCD dominates the front of the device, and a five-way control pad sits below that. On the back of the player, you'll find an unusual thing: an on/off switch. A mechanical power switch isn't a bad thing, but it's certainly rare in MP3 players these days. Finally, we have two annoying proprietary ports: a super-mini USB on the bottom and a 2.5mm headphone jack on top. The MP-C7000 won't work with your standard stereo headphones without a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter.

Upon powering the Coby MP-C7000 on, you're greeted with a nice and colorful main menu with an icon-driven selector circle. Pressing right or left on the control pad serves to navigate around the circle. This is where the simplicity ends, however. The control pad is the main issue--it's just plain awful. There's a play/pause/select key in the middle, track shuttle keys going left and right, a button marked "VOL" on the bottom, and one marked "M" on the top. None are very responsive or accurate, and we got buggy reactions on several occasions while pressing any of them. The "M" button fairly reliably takes you to the main menu with a press and hold, but a quick press gets varying reactions, from pulling up a contextual menu to flashing on a settings menu, depending on whether music is playing or paused.

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Where to Buy

Coby MP-C7092 (2GB)

Part Number: MP-C7092

MSRP: $55.28

See manufacturer website for availability.

Quick Specifications See All

  • Built-in Display LCD
  • Tuner Bands FM
  • Capacity 2 GB
  • Supported Digital Audio Standards WMA
  • Installed Size 2 GB
  • Diagonal Size 1.8" m
  • Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Type digital player / radio