Cobra XRS 9960G Digital Radar and Laser Detector review: Cobra XRS 9960G Digital Radar and Laser Detector

One problem we found with this feature is a deluge of alerts for areas with red-light cameras. The detector announces an alert as you enter an area that uses cameras, and then gives an alert at every intersection with a red-light camera. We would prefer just the latter and, unfortunately, there is no way to selectively turn off one or the other alert in the menu.

Another feature somewhat extraneous to radar detection is a battery voltage indicator. Plugged into a car's 12-volt outlet, the XRS 9960G determines the current voltage, displaying it on its main screen. This information can be useful if a car's electrical system is malfunctioning, or if the battery isn't getting recharged properly.

Testing the Cobra XRS 9960G's radar detection capabilities, we found a stationary radar-based speed sign in the middle of San Francisco. This was a short-range test due to the sheer amount of buildings and traffic in the area. At approximately 1,800 feet out, the XRS 9960G detected the radar, with an initial signal strength of one dot. As we approached, the signal increased to its maximum of five.

We tried the same test by driving in the far left lane, four lanes over from the radar sign. It's initial signal detection occurred at the same distance, but never rose above a signal strength of three as we drove on the outside of the radar gun's field.

During a general road test of 40 miles on freeways and highways, the XRS 9960G alerted us to two full strength K-band signals, although we didn't see the source. It also gave a half-strength signal from a highway patrol car driving in the opposite direction.

This drive also produced four full-strength pop-up radar signals, the first while sitting at a light waiting to get on a highway. Thanks to the lack of surrounding buildings, we believe this signal was accurate, although we did not see the source. Around our office building in downtown San Francisco, we recorded three of these pop-up signals, which were more likely false alerts. Likewise, while the unit was plugged into a 12-volt supply on our test bench, low strength X- and K-band signals continuously came in, suggesting a susceptibility to false signals, although we did not receive any X-band hits while road testing.

For another perspective, including quantitative testing, published the results of a battery of tests using two other Cobra radar detector models, the XRS 9950 and the XRS R9G. Both showed a detection range of about a mile shorter than detectors from Beltronics, Escort, and Valentine, including the Beltronics Pro RX65 we reviewed earlier. You can also watch a video review of the Cobra XRS 9960G by's Radar Roy.

The GPS performance was excellent, besides the alert problem we noted above. The XRS 9960G accurately informed us of red-light cameras as we approached them and also found areas where photo enforcement is active. It pointed out a few caution areas as we road tested the device, but only one of those areas showed something we would deem to be an issue, a construction area. However, as the database can be updated, those caution areas will change.

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